Good stuff! To add insult to injury, VAERS deleted 65 Polio vax deaths in a single update on last publication of 2009. There was over 3,500 VAERS reports on this single update see here: https://www.vaersaware.com/deleted-reports-2007-2022

Creator of Medalerts.org Dr. Steven Ruben calls it, "the great purge of 2009". I even asked Dr. McCullough myself if he knew about theses 65 IPV deleted deaths... Mr. M. said, he was aware of VAERS instabilities. I take that to mean "NO" he didn't know, but knows VAERS has issues... here is that video proof: https://www.bitchute.com/video/b2trIJRFE7ms/

Here is video proof of the 65 IPV deleted deaths: https://www.bitchute.com/video/oXvG5U5g2Aj9/

The polio vax deaths alone should have qualified that vax to be pulled off the shelf long ago, decades ago! CDC/FDA runs cover for big pharma and actually curates what we are allowed to see in VAERS... I now now better than anybody with respects to VAERS. vaersaware.com is the best!

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I regret that, not having enough income to get by on and not doing anything financial online anyway, I can't send money, only appreciation for the essential information you provide. THANK YOU!

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